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Vinci vs pennetta time

Combine the towel and the chemical.
The Mona Lisa UV Light Puzzle: When holding the UV light up against the Mona Lisa you will see cryptic lettering, Highlight every letter individualy and then a keyboard will appear!
Royal Holloway - One hit weapon kill.Rosslyn Chapel Revisited - Complete the game.Sacred Feminine - Double health, vitruvian Man - God mode (must be used for both Robert and Sophie, Clos Luce 1519 - Level select.Answers TO these cryptograms: The Louvre Museum Painting: voucher per dipendenti in cassa integrazione "YOU should NOT have RUN monsieur sauniere NOW tell ME where IT IS".Bank of Zurich Painting: "IT IS THE cryptex this IS based OFF oesign BY DA vinci".Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function: Et in Arcadia ego - All bonuses unlocked.Level 7 Cryptogram Answer: The answer is: "outdoors THE graceful water YOU will SEE through dedication YOU must find THE KEY".THE louvre revisited (Secret Level this level is an extra awarded to you after completing the game.Chateau Villett Painting: "THE legend OF THE holy grail iegend about royal blood".
There are 9 cryptogram puzzles in here to solve (in total and they can be found with the UV light on the paintings that represent each of the 9 levels of the game.The Louvre Revisited - Complete the game.Choose the "Codes" selection at the "Options" menu.Answer to the Puzzle "OH lame saint The Answer to the Anagram puzzle "OH lame saint" is "THE mona lisa".Biggin Hill Airfield Painting: "sauniere brought US together TO follow these clues foeason" Temple Church Painting: "silas take THE keystone from MR langdon teabing IS OUR hostage NOW" Westminster Abbey Painting: "teabing felt taglio cortissimo capelli mossi THE truth crashing down ON HIM THE grail WAS lost TO HIM".Apocrypha - All Visual Database entries.Take the resulting red rag and use it on the dirty painting.2It glows red!" Now look by a yellow toolbox and find the towel.Secret Levels: Earn samsung galaxy s 5 цена в украине these levels by completing the game.Sulpice Painting: "THE sister must have been calling priory members when SHE WAS attacked".You have one puzzle for every secret you found in the game.Phillips Exeter - One hit fist kill.

Mansion: Shed box: The code for the box in the shed is 13, 21,.
Normandy Mansion Painting: "ITS THE princess sophie KEY MY grandfather promised ME".
The top-seeded Williams, who has not reached the final of any major this year, beat Kaia Kanepi in straight sets on Monday and will next face 11th-seeded Flavia.