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Tagliando fiat 500 1 3 multijet costo

And 99 of the time I spend behind the wheel I drive myself and documents.
At the same time, a personal record efficiency.6-liters per 100 voucher lavoro intermittente km in the urban cycle.
Fiat 500 in production since 2007, six years with us Text added 5 years ago.
And only on 6tys Passat (and that's just on trips to other cities).Powered by Google Translate, engine.3 (75.p.).I knew that at run 30 thousand per year over 20 thousand this city.Manufactured in 2008, purchased in 2012.Since its launch in 2008 was interested in the baby.Since the purchase, most of the time I drove to the penny, and it is about 20 thousand kilometers.But, after sitting in the car, taking into account its size, our roads, and the price the importer asked for it, made the choice to VW Passat.By the time I was ready to sell his first car.Choosing between the two extremes, I chose both :-) Last year I bought yet stylish and very economical cars, Fiat 500.Made a choice, the choice was very pleased, but the question remains open: what a great car with great fuel economy if the ride itself and vozish only your portfolio, but how to be a long journey with passengers and luggage (such as a trip.Actually thanks to the purchase cost Fiat I was able to disengage from the fuel consumption and realize a dream which was obsessed with for much longer Alfa 159!
What is surprising is that over a year of operation the need for larger cars, as it turned out, there is only a few times.
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